Simple and Fast User Management for DNN

System Requirements

  • DNN 7.2.x
  • SQL Server 2008/2012


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for DNN 7.2.x

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for DNN 8.0

About UManage

Manage your DNN users has never been so easy and fast. With a few clicks you can gives to your customer full control of users who registered to your site. If you are a company or a developer, you can now delegate permissions user administration, without necessarily being an admin! 

Use UManage to quickly manage users with a modern, intuitive and innovative interface.

This is a first realese, if you have any suggest for features you can write to support@ospi.it

Version 00.02.04: new Features & Fixes

  • Added a new feature: export users to file excel
  • Fixed Firstname and Lastname are empty after a user was created

Version 00.02.03: new Features & Fixes

  • Added a new feature: export users to file excel
  • Added multilingual mode (ita/eng)
  • Moved the username to the top in edit/new user
  • More Fixes in edit/new user

Version 00.02.02

  • Added a new feature: IMPERSONATE.
    With this function from now you can impersonate any user under your DNN Portal.
  • Added a new grid layout style
  • Modified the close button style. Now it's really clear and visible.


Key Features

UManage is equipped with powerful functions to provide maximum freedom to manage your users.

Usable and Fast Interface

Gallery style interface makes it easy to identify the users.It is thanks to this feature that you can enjoy the view mode users more modern, simple and intuitive than ever.

Quick and Easy Search

Ability to perform rapid search users for the following parameters: email, name, last name, display name, username and userid.

Rapid Edit Access

The innovative Fast edit joined with the classic Full DNN edit allow you to modify any information about users directly within the module.

Rapid Data Edit

The Fast edit, the new way to manage and find user's info quickly and with very short loading times (in the next release will add more features).

Innovative Management Roles

Adding and removing user roles has never been faster. To do this is simple, just click on the switch to assign the desired role.

Fast Filtering

Filtering capabilities users based on two parameters: user status and user role.

Simple and Easy Actions

Add your new users quickly by directly entering all the details in a single tab.

Powerful User Actions

There is a Danger Zone where you can perform the most delicate and irreversible actions at the user level.